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For Independent Contractors

Contracts and Contract Negotiations

Independent contractors are a critical component in the Supply Chain. Often contractors are not aware that contract negotiations are a 2-way communication. Contracts are the heart of the service provider’s services and revenue. Logistics Assistance Now provides consulting services to review IC’s operations with their current and potential contracts to assist them with ensuring the service requirement and rates fall inline with their service offerings and costs. Our experienced consultants can help IC’s business to become more adept with business contracts and negotiations, strengthening your business and allowing the growth of your company.

For Independent Contractors

Delivery & Fleet Operations

Fleet operations are critical for any business that operates small or large fleets. Fleet operations involve the coordination, planning, and execution of all activities relating to a company’s vehicles, machines, and equipment. This includes acquiring and maintaining vehicles and machines, prioritizing safety, managing fuel and performance, optimizing routes and services. LAN assists ICs with their fleet operations helping improve operations, increase efficiency, prioritize safety, and manage resources to lower everyday expenses. One of the top priorities of any business is making money. With streamlined fleet operations, improved communication and coordination, and well-maintained machines and equipment services are provided at a cost effective and efficient manner reducing overspending and loss of revenue. Service delivery is both complex and challenging, particularly when considering the unique characteristics of services and the high level of customer involvement in their creation. Service quality is an assessment of how well a delivered service conforms to the client's expectations. Logistics Assistance Now will assist Service Providers to assess the service quality provided to their customers and the customers of their customer in order to improve their service, quickly identify problems, and to better assess client satisfaction. Therefore, developing long-term, satisfied and returning customers which

For Independent Contractors

Vehicles & Vehicle Maintenance

Fleet maintenance is the overall description of how organizations approach vehicle uptime, whereas fleet maintenance management is the process by which fleet managers ensure the availability of their fleets to complete tasks, such as transporting equipment, raw materials, finished products, or people. Good fleet maintenance often requires a comprehensive fleet maintenance management process to maximize operations. Logistics Assistance Now can help Independent Contractors develop a fleet maintenance management process providing for a comprehensive program that equips them with tools to address regulatory requirements, extend automotive vehicle asset life through preventive maintenance, monitor equipment status, and extend parts and inventory management. Thus, reducing downtime, expensive repair costs, and allowing for increased revenue.

For Independent Contractors

Compliance & safety

When it comes to safety in the workplace, the stakes could not be higher with tragic accidents, damaging lawsuits, regulatory fines, low safety ratings and high insurance costs. Currently, insurance companies are using the FMSCA safety rating, which is found online and updated regularly, to determine the insurance rate for your fleet (whether that is one vehicle or several.) With Logistics Assistance Now we will aid you with developing your business’ compliance and safety program and a compliance tracking program. This will ensure that you and the drivers are compliant with federal and state regulations, maintain a good safety record and ensure that regulatory renewals are completed on time.

For Independent Contractors


Management of a Company is more than just operations and sales. Companies, no matter how small or large want to be profitable, have successful growth, and if more than 1 employee or subcontractor have a collaborative, engaged, communicative, and results oriented team all working for the betterment of the company. Logistics Assistance Now offers several options to assist IC companies with all aspects of their administrative programs. To name a few topics: P&L, Accounting, Assets, Labor Department Compliance, etc. We can provide assistance with whatever you need, even those not listed, just ask.


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