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About Us

Our Mission Statement

Helping transportation companies and service providers to be the best that they can be.

Welcome Logistics Assistance Now

A Veteran & Women Owned Business


Years Of Experience

We are a consulting company aiding logistic carriers and independent contractor companies who provide transportation delivery services. Our owner, Lisa Boerger, is a seasoned professional who after over a decade in the US Air Force transitioned into logistics in 1996. She assisted in developing ADA services for county public transportation in LA and Orange County. She developed a paratransit eligibility program which was adopted by several county public transportation departments. She then moved on to become Director of Johnson County Transportation, Iowa and revamped operations saving over $400,000 in revenue during her 4-year tenure. Transitioning into package transport she worked with franchises, field offices, warehouse distribution, and Independent Contractors. Her expertise extends to regulatory compliance, minimizing company risks, and ensuring driver safety. She pioneered national recruitment and onboarding programs for independent contractors in the final mile, over-the-road, and medical delivery services. She has managed compliance, safety, and strategic third-party solutions for administration, operations, onboarding, and settlement payments. Her extensive knowledge and experience continue within Logistics Assistance Now providing consulting services to assist companies’ operational excellence, customer service and experience, safety, compliance, and risk management. Logistics Assistance Now also assists independent contractors with understanding, creating, and building their business to ensure profits while maintaining excellent customer service, safety, and compliance.


Core Values

Core Values Are The Principles And Priorities That Guide Our Practice.

For Transportation Business


We provide consulting services to assist companies with increasing revenue which ultimately increases profits by optimizing their operations, supply chain strategy, ensure compliance and safety, and provide recruitment and onboarding consulting of independent contractors, for their company. We provided tailored programs, so the company is getting the services they need performed by dedicated consultant(s) who bring their experience, expertise, and best practice knowledge with them.

For Independent Contractors


We provide consulting services to Independent Contractors to assist them with everything from obtaining their LLC, DOT, and State Certifications to reviewing, analyzing and providing an understanding of how their company is doing operationally, use of other operators, revenue and profitability, compliance, and safety. We provide access to discount programs, services that provide the ability to enhance and grow their company as well as, provide administrative services for federal, state filings and tracking operational costs/expenditures to ensure all costs are tracked for their P&l and balance sheet. We can assist with operational software ideas and access to AI discounts and services. We also provide contract consulting services to ensure compliance and profitability.

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c. Understanding your business